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The prostate is a small gland which is situated below the bladder. As people age, the prostate enlarges and can lead to complications such as difficulty urinating and prostate cancer. A prostate massage can help alleviate the discomfort associated with an enlarged prostate. Although it may not be fruitful in eliminating prostate cancer, prostate massages can help with overall prostate health. Many people do it just trying to get sexual enjoyment.
A massage can be implemented both internally and externally. This class session will detail the methods, giving prostate massage therapy instructions so you are able to do this and get it done correctly and without unwanted complication.
1. Prostate massage can help alleviate erectile difficulties by strengthening the pubococcygeus or PC muscle and by stimulating the prostate erection nerves s.
2. It will also help minimize premature ejaculation problems by strengthening the prostate muscles giving you more control than ever before.
3. Prostate orgasms are way more powerful than regular orgasms. They last longer, more ejaculate is released and your whole body thrives from the intensity.

All along you will be guided with exact details how to receive and do your prostate massage safely, easily and very comfortably by a professional prostate massage specialist.

PROSTATE MASSAGE THERAPY INSTRUCTIONAL SESSION. In this class you will learn to experience:
Hand On Training And Teaching Of Relaxation To Combat Stress Through Therapeutic Touch, Overcome fear And anxiety, Benefits of Prostate Massage, Prostate Milk, Prostate Exercises, Prostate Detoxification & Toxin Removals, External Prostate Massage, Internal Prostate Massage, Control Your Ejaculation via Single vs. Multiple Ejaculation, Safe Practice Of Prostate Massage, Prostate Massage Orgasm, Tantra And Taoist Prostate Practices, What Are The Causes Of ED, Advanced Skills To Combat ED Issues, Exploration And Discussion Of Application Of Prostate Massage Devices, Prostate Self Care & Hygiene, EDEMA Usage, Prostate Massage Resources On Prevention Care, Nutrition, Supplemental, Vitamins And Fitness.

For Quality Time and Preparation, Advanced Booking is required
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MONDAY-THURSDAY: 45mins-$100, 60mins-$120, 90mins$180, 120mins-$200 [No extra tipping is required]
FRIDAY-SUNDAY: 45mins-$80, 60mins-$100, 90mins$160, 120mins-$180 [No extra tipping is required]
THERAPIST:Name: Mailani.Beautiful. Discreet.Professional & Experienced. Well Skilled.Mellow. Kind. Knowledgeable.
FACILITY: Professional Clinic.Private. Confidential. Hygienic. Quiet. Clean. Relax. RULES OF CONTACT: Be respectful. This is a professional space and educational environment of coaching for ED & Prostate health care related matters for those individual whom seeks help and guidance to expand their knowledge, to overcome trauma, and improve their health and wellness.
NOTES: This educational class of an active-extensive hand on training designed to teach individual who interests in practicing alternative therapies to combat ED & Prostate issue for better health. Payment made toward this class will be donation for consultation, information shared and time for tutoring, mentoring and educational coaching. Whether it is for your own personal pleasure or medical reason; here at my place, as your coach-my intention is pure; which is to guide you through this class for the purpose of education, personal growth and wellness only. Nothing else is ever offered nor implied. No fees will ever be accepted for illegal activity. I reserve the right to decline appointments as I deem necessary. For a more detailed and description of this class, please schedule your consultation today to see if this type of therapeutic cares and education class is right for you. ***THIS IS NOT AN ESCORT SERVICES./NO FS/NO NURU/NO NUDE/NO MUTUAL TOUCH/NO FLIRT AGENCY. DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR SOLICITATION
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